Monday, March 25, 2013

Shop like it is gonna SNOW

I let us run dangerously low on bread. Usually, it would not be a big deal to whip up a batch. But as I am typing this, I am looking out the window, watching it snow. And of course I don't have enough flour in the house.
With my husband in class all day, loading everyone up and making a run to the grocery is not an option. The moral of this story is: when buying baking supplies and you are gluten free, remember that you can't borrow from the neighbors so you better buy extra!
Where we live, if the word SNOW is even mentioned people flock to the market as though a blizzard has been forecast. They pile their buggies high with milk, bread, and snacks like some doomsday preppers. Next time I shop for baking supplies, I will pretend its about to snow. That way I should have plenty for the next time I wake up with bread desperately needing to be  baked!

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