Thursday, March 21, 2013

Super Mom Moment

Have I told myself just how awesome I am lately? Well, I should, lol! I totally had a super mom moment last night. I cleaned the kitchen, cooked supper, and baked not one, but two delicious loaves of bread. Man I wish I were so Super Mom all the time!
I remember before we started homeschooling, I saw a mom on Oprah who had thirteen foster kids. Her house was spotless, she was trim and well pressed and the children were all well behaved and clean. For some reason, this woman, whose name I never even caught, became my personal measuring stick.
I only had three kids and two foster adults so surely if she could do it, so could I?

Let me tell you-my measuring stick started out as one of those long, wooden fold out types that carpenters use. Then as I decided that a clean house was highly overrated; that stick became more of a yardstick.
Then I wanted to have more fun with teaching the kids. Laundry was left in a perpetual state of  "wrinkled" and that stick became a ruler. Now I want to get my family healthy, take care of my elderly grandmother, foster two adults, nurture a teenager, love my married daughter in her busy life, keep my very active, outdoors man son from getting hurt (too badly) and help my husband transition to a work at home job. All while keeping my sanity and hopefully making sure everyone has had a bath and has clean underpants. That stick has become one of those little nubs of pencil that boys in grade school would sharpen down until it hit the metal ring.
Needless to say, my priorities and expectations have changed. If the son's fingernails are clean and he remembered to wash his body with soap-great job! If I have the dishes washed in time for the next meal-kudos! If I get to shower daily, it has been a really good day.
So you see, when supermom moments come along, they are savored, celebrated, and cherished. Locked away in my mind, I pull them out and use them to give me courage when the natives begin to get restless...

Here's to hoping ya'll have a supermom moment soon!

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